The CART Fund

The CART Fund & Alzheimer’s Research:

You can help your community by supporting CARTS efforts of curing Alzheimer’s disease. How can you support them? By donating to their cutting-edge research grants and helping their dedicated teams of doctors and scientists. 100% of all donations goes straight towards their research efforts to cure Alzheimer’s, and they’ve done so much for the community in return:

Cart Fund

$6.5 Mil Distributed
Research Institutions
Rotary Clubs Support
Rotary Districts Support
Grant Applications
Seed Money Grants
$700k Distributed: 2017
100% to Alzheimer's Research

Are You Interested In Making A Donation?

If you are a Rotarian and are part of a Rotary Club that participates in CART, you can make your donations through your Rotary Club! If your donation is a tribute gift or even given in memory of a passed love one or friend, let your club know of that information alongside your contribution.

We also offer to send out Acknowledgement Cards to those you are honoring or memorializing. In order to do this, please provide the name and mailing address of the person you wish to have the card sent to!

If you are not part of a Rotary Club that participates in CART, or any club at all, you can mail your contribution, use PayPal, or your credit card for online donations or mail a check of any amount to the P.O. Box below!

The CART Fund,  P.O. Box 1916,  Sumter SC 29151

Online Donations

For More Information:

For more information, please refer to The CART Fund’s official website, linked here.